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PEM Nuts / Rivet Nuts
PEM Nuts / Rivet Nuts
Laser-Fab is equipped with PEM and RIVET Nut Insertion tools.

PEM Nuts and Rivet Nuts replace weld-nuts or loose nuts, making assembly easier, saving time and money during manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.

HAEGER 824 Insertion Machine
  • Ability to insert Nuts, Studs, Pins, Standoffs
  • Maximum PEM size of 3/8"
  • Insert into Sheet & Plate (Mild, Aluminum, Stainless)
  • 8 tons (72kN) of ram force; 24 inch (610mm) throat depth
  • Includes Positive Stop Cylinder and Dwell Timer
  • Fully hydraulic; PLC electrical controls
ATLAS RIVET NUT Installation Tooling
  • Round and Hex Riv-Nuts
  • Insert into Sheet Metal & HSS
  • Maximum Rivet Nut size of 3/8"